2021-22 Summer Term Secondary ECT Community Events

It has been a challenging few years for both students and staff in schools during the pandemic. However, we are getting back on track. We are using a hybrid approach to continue to grow our community of early careers teachers (ECT) at all phases.

Check out our latest programme of events for secondary ECT’s, where we will explore mathematical topics such as multiplicative reasoning, curriculum sequencing as well as discussing the use of video as means of observing learning.

Our secondary ECT community events during the summer term are open to all ECT’s in their first three years of teaching (following QTS) and they are free.

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Primary Subject Leader Deep Dive with Jonathan Stewart

What do you need to know for a subject DEEP DIVE as part of an Ofsted inspection?

Check out the brilliant guide produced by our Mastery Readiness Lead, Jonathan Stewart. He shares his experiences as a Primary subject lead during an Ofsted inspection, providing plenty of bite-size pieces of information to help you reflect on your own curriculum.

This guide includes an overview of the Ofsted day in the eyes of a subject leader, deep dive questions and staff need-to-knows.

> Click here to view Jon’s comprehensive subject leader deep dive guide. 


We have lots of new professional development opportunities for 2022-23. Schools and teachers within our hub area can choose from several types of projects. Each project has a focus on collaborative, evidence-based professional development. They all offer schools and teachers in all phases the chance to engage in CPD with colleagues from other schools over an extended period and are led by a locally-based expert.

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