Early Years

Building Foundations in Reception

Work Group(s) in this project are aimed at schools who are currently developing a teaching for mastery approach in KS1 and KS2. Early Years practitioners and senior leaders will develop their understanding of how EY best practice feeds into a teaching for mastery approach, and build firm foundations for all children so that they are ready to progress into Year 1. Participants will consider how to build clear progression in mathematical concepts and how to make these accessible to young children. Workshops and sessions will take place on-line.

Early Years Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

This project is designed to support Early Years teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils with their mathematics across the provision. Workshops and sessions will take place on-line.

Building Foundations Workgroups Early Adopter Workgroup

Are you an early adopter of the new Reception ELGs and Development Matters? If not, would you like to find out more, to be ready for next year?

Our new Early Years Maths group seeks to bring together early adopter schools to discuss approaches to Early Years Maths within the new Development Matters Framework, share ideas about the importance of a coherent early years maths curriculum, gain common understanding about the role of obersvation and assessment, whilst sharing practical approaches to deliver high quality learning in maths.

This group provides a unique opportunity. It provides early adopters schools a forum for discussion of the changes and approaches to the new ELGs and Development Matters framework whilst providing a head start for those schools which will begin delivery from September 2021. Throughout the year, we will work together to deepen our understanding of the framework, whilst sharing our practice to incorporate the high-quality learning that already exists in our schools.

Teachers and Early Years Leaders will be provided with supporting material to quality assure their provision, underpinned by the latest research, to ensure that their children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be successful, deep thinking mathematicians. Workshops and sessions will take place on-line.