Initial Teacher Training 2024-25

(NCP24-31) Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers 2024-25

A professional learning community for ITT providers and Maths Hub leadership.

What is involved?

Lead participants in this programme will be from the ITT community; they should be directly involved in ITT with a responsibility for maths. They will represent the various ITT providers across the hub region so may include HEI, SCITT and School Direct, and represent different phases of ITT including EYTS, QTS (primary and secondary), and post-16.

This project aims to form an established group of ITT representatives across the sector who are committed to developing communities of practice in order to review and evolve their provision.

Any work undertaken will be in conjunction with the leaders of maths provision in ITT institutions, to strengthen the partnership and agree actions that will support the deepening of understanding of teaching for mastery for ITT trainees at an award level. Activity may include working across hub boundaries and collaborating in larger regions.

What is the time commitment?

Participants, supported by their institution, should attend all scheduled meetings, feedback to relevant colleagues, and review their provision in light of the discussions.

Participants should work with their Community Lead for the equivalent of three days, and it is expected that the ITT provider will commit to the same person/people participating in this community throughout the year.